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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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@ @ right now at the news at
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@left the front page. a police helicopter got @involved. @ there are people that want @another vote on a. the presidential @race is getting serious. @and a major endorsement for @john kasich. is is channel 3 news at @11 pm @ thank you for being with @us on a saturday night i am @johnny manziel , the police @came looking for him and texas @at 2 am in texas time today. e allegations that @johnny manziel may have @assaulted his ex-girlfriend. @when police arrived they did @not find the person phone call. @but they did find a 23-year-old
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@a conflict with johnny manziel @earlier that night. @they tried to find him with the @use of a police helicopter but @they found him safe. @he was not interested dallas- @fort worth and dallas police g and @investigating it. @>> i said this at 6 pm,baseball team putting on @a great event putting on a @great event today and then we @have to talk about this guy @again. @it is tiresome. @if the cleveland browns have @not made the decision to move @on from johnny manziel i would @be surprised. @the question is, how do you go @about doing it? to the cleveland @browns and they had no word the @nfl is looking into the matter. they can
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@that is the day after the super @bowl. @they can also try to trade him @in march. keep him, @that could happen as well. @my vote, he has embarrassed the @again. @he needs help and the browns @have to move on they havem time and time again. @and on the field, he is not @really worth it either. onship between @johnny manziel and the browns @can be fixed with the question @? @>> yes, i do not think there t that. @i talked to him before he left, @the we 53 players on the active @and 10 more, there were other problem players @but i'm sure they will get @around talking to him.>> does @it matter? @there were plenty of other ones @before the one today.will make that
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@it has become tiresome. @there is a long list of ohnny manziel. @i was okay with drafting them, @they took a chance, but now rked. @i am done with them. @let's move on. @it is time to look forward.>> @let's put all this johnny @manziel behind us and move on @to the cavaliers. @>> the question is, is this the @last straw for johnny manziel? @our online message pool, and @poll81% --s. @get him out. @you can vote online at @the debate @marijuana is coming back.
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@a new push for le: good evening, they @voted against issue three. it was for @medical and recreational @purposes. @they are coming to csu to make @their push for medical @marijuana. issue three @brought million of ohio people @to the polls. @the 65, 35% vote, the 65%, @35% vote. @>> it is time for the @government to step up.>> @reporter: they started a to get support @on the issue. @there were hours long @discussions on the csu campus.
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@have any doubts attributed to -- @deaths related to marijuana. undecided. @>> or a mood swing that will @get me hospitalize or behind @bars. @>> we could have lost her. @she is taking medicine that is @approved for her age group. @we are asking for legal @cannabis. @is not going to cause her to @get high, she's not going to @smoke it, it is just oil. @>> we do not have an issue @with those people with caesar's @-- caesar's -- caesar's -- @seizers and cancer. @>> you can see that there are
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@he has multiple sclerosis and @marijuana actually helps his @condition. @they are in cleveland tonight @and they will be and cincinnati, @and toledo. @ to garfield heights, a @disturbing scene outside a bar @on broadway. @a 22-year-old maple heights man @was shot in the head and the @man was hospitalized at metro @hospital. @the fight inside the bar @spilled outside. @no suspect's is -- no suspect @description has been @released. you see those @horse-drawn carriages around @the downtown area.
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@no word on how it happened in @the first place. @ the challenges they face @to stay on top two days before
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@ @ decision 2016 with two @days until the iowa caucuses. @it was a busy day.
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@donald trump had small leads. @donald trump holds a seven point @lead over ted cruz. @there is a lot more controversy @over the email investigation @with hillary clinton. @>> i am really not concerned, @it is the same story that has @been going on for months now.>> @the caucus turnout is usually @so small and a few votes don't @make much difference and they @will keep pushing to get as @many votes as they can. @johnny manziel who hosted a @town meeting in hampshire, he @sent a message about leadership @and willingness to work with @folks with different ideas. @>> i am an independent guy my @republican party is my vehicle
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@if i am president i can call @the tune but people who do not @think the say way i do, they're @all going to be welcomed. @if we do not do it that way we @will not get anything done. @>> he wants to think about the @government as a modern @business. @he wants to move away from the @habit. @ in colorado, there was a @coliseum. @gunfire erupted along with one @stabbing. @seven victims are hospitalized, @one is dead. the hospital was @on lock down for a few hours. @no arrests have been made @dirk -- no arrests have @been made. in flint @michigan, the lead levels
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@with water filters. @the highest reading that was @measured with 4000 ppb. @it is much -- 4000 parts, per, @billion. @it is much higher than what @those in water filters can @handle. the forecast coming
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january 30 was not
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but nobody is complaining. temperatures well into the 50s today. take a look at the current temperatures. it will feel cold in many locations. you will see out in elyria, there may be a cool spot there in lorain county. you see the strong southerly winds, with these winds holding out overnight, do not expect these apertures to fall much. we will stay mild through the morning hours. we also had the clouds thicken. you follow the clouds back into indiana and illinois, and you see no rain. we have clouds near chicago, and that will move towards michigan but will avoid us. overnight is going to be in the 40s.
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could have some patchy drizzle on sunday. as we go through the day on sunday, we will start off in the 40s, by 2 pm mostly cloudy skies, temperatures well up into the 50s. i do not think it's going to rain all day. 10 am to 4 pm where many of you will not be getting brain. it will not be as -- will be getting rain. it will not be as sunny as it was today. after 7 pm the chances are greater. high pressure off to are south and south east, that is when you get those southerly winds bringing in milder temperatures. you see that green from cincinnati to st. louis, to wichita, that is a mild airmass continuing to push up our way. sunday's storm system, moving through the rockies, i'm seeing an area of low pressure
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that will be the load that will follow this jet stream back into the great lakes. it will make us say on the warm side. and mainly talked about rain. that is not the only storm were talking about. there is a second one lining up behind a. this one -- behind it. this one will blow up into a snow maker across the rockies and central plains. that will be monday night and tuesday. we will mostly get rain with colder air behind it possibly. take a look at your future view as we go through the overnight hours, here is sunday morning, 45 degrees. these are temperatures that are well above what we should be for the last day of january.
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dry. temperatures will be to the low to mid 50s as we go through the afternoon. 5 pm it may be 56 degrees in some locations. it is in the evening when the showers will move in sunday night and monday morning. as the rain moves out monday, watch the temperatures fall, into the 30s on monday with partly cloudy skies. it will be cold monday, we then go back up to that second system on tuesday and go back up to the 50s. 30s wednesday, friday night into saturday, it is looking interesting, there is a clipper system moving through, some folks may experience some light snow. a big game for the
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and now, the mentor and helene kia sports report. with a 180, i know that is a low blow but they are playing unbelievable right now. i would love to see them take on the spurs or the warriors. they lost in san antonio earlier in the month. not tonight. what a night.
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he hits a triple here. 37 points they scored in the first quarter. jr smith, putting up the cavs 16, just before halftime, checking in with lebron, 66-49 at the half. second half, tyree irving, he had four of those in the second half. kevin love, making it 81-60. lebron making it 88-69. 16 points in the third quarter. he gets it taken away. look at that ever. the cavaliers win 117-103. fourth straight win over 114 points. we talked about it at the
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for johnny manziel. police in dallas-fort worth texas say that at 2 am patrol officers were dispatched to a complex where johnny manziel might have assaulted his girlfriend asked -- ex- girlfriend earlier that night. they had to get a helicopter to locate johnny manziel. police are working together to see if any criminal offenses occurred the cleveland browns have no comment. >> i look forward to the day that we talk about another order back. today, playing the first quarter, 50 yards, two of his in completions were dropped. he saw what he needed out of them. he got rid of the ball. braxton miller had a lot of attention's. two catches for 8 yard -- a lot
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two catches for 8 yards. 27-10. many indians players reported to try the best -- to tribe fest. coaches, alumni, players signing autographs, and much more. getting off to a horrible start, the manager of the tribe, last year seven and 14, they need to figure this problem out. >> it is frustrating, we played so well in the second half. we play good second half teams. each year it has been almost catch up.
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for us. we have to do on how we play in the second half in april. >> much more on the indians tomorrow night. >> he told irving what he wants them to do and he told lebron, and they were not doing that with blacked -- blatt. s&l is next.
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